About Us
  Wepack Packing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a pioneer of the weighing and packing
system industry that specialized in the unique one - piece structure of multihead weigher and packing machine
in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. It located in Foshan, an important city for machine in Pearl River
Delta, and has a group of professional technicians and manager
staffs ,with excellent company culture and perfect marketing system.
  Wepack Packing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd s main products
are Compack Machines ,with its unique one-piece structure changing
the traditional patterns of operating the Multihead weigher and
Packing Machine separately with two independent controllers, and
much easier to use. Our multihead weighing and packing machines
adopting advance technology and high-speed microcomputer for
controlling,are widely use for automatically weighing and packing
and operating in variety of industries including food ,hardware,
electronics and pharmaceuticals.
  Wepack Packing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd can offer
you our leading edge designs and the highest level of professionalism
and integrity customer service in the multihead weighing and packing
machines of much higher quality with competitive prices, and acknowledged all over the world for its high
speed, precision and reliable quality.
  Wepack Packing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltds customers are primarily in the USA, Canada,
Mexicoand South America, Installations can also be found in many European countries, the Middle East and
even in New Zealand and Australia.
  Currently, Wepack Packing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd are looking forward to even greater cooperation
with the packaging machine manufactures and related packagingmanufacturers, trading agency, and end-users
all over the world. We seriously hope to build a solid and long-term business relationship with you. Please
feel free to contact us for more details.
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